Domingos Rego

Domingos Rego has been exhibiting drawings, paintings and, more recently, photographs since 1993. In his work, he crosses over contemporary concepts and practices keeping in perspective ways of making in relation to art history. In this process some themes are recurrent: the idea of time as media as well as natural forces in the field of the visual arts.

These creative directions reveal themselves in his exhibitions such as Banhos de Luz – A Seurat (Galeria Palmira Suso, 1999), Sete Virtudes, Sete Vícios (Casa da Cerca, 2000), Sete Vícios, Sete Virtudes (Galeria Palmira Suso, 2000), Pinturas do Paraíso (Galeria Palmira Suso, 2002), Ócio (Galeria Palmira Suso, 2005), City (Galeria Palmira Suso, 2007), Inclinação Natural (Galeria João Esteves de Oliveira, 2010), Cruzamentos (Arte Lisboa, 2010), Uma presença silenciosa (Galeria Alecrim 50, 2012), Traço Contínuo (Galeria João Esteves de Oliveira, 2015), Scala (Galeria Alecrim 50, 2015) and Tempo Real (Galeria Alecrim 50, 2017).